Baby to be named at a future date 

I started making this zippered hoodie when I was in Wisconsin for the weekend.  I originally started with th 24 month size, then went down to the 18 month size, and ended up knitting the 12 month size.  It seemed so big.  Now that the Fair Isle portion is moving along, the size doesn’t look too big.  I got this pattern booklet and the yarn from someone on Ravelry who was selling it.  I think I have enough yarn to make the cute hat to go with it.  Not sure who this is for, I just love making Baby Dale sweaters.  Speaking of which, I reorganized my Baby Ull yarn, and I am embarrassed to say that I have more than many stores.  Enough already!

Here is the porgress on the sweater thus far:

The bottom garter stitch band at the bottom is curling up.  I am not sure that this will even out with the blocking.  I think that I like the folded bands that they usually do much better.  The cuffs will be a simple turned over garter stitch, which I think will work well.  This pattern calls for a zipper.  I haven’t put in a zipper in a sweater in years (in anything for that matter).  I will have to evaluated that after cutting the steek.