Mittens with Words 



I was going to wait to see if you actually read my blog, but you redeemed yourself yesterday.  I am sure that you forgot about these, or maybe not.  I know that this weather does not make one think of mittens, but it is the best time to make them as they are small and light.  When I first agreed to someday make these mittens for Andrew, his mother had recieved a pair of mittens from a friend and was telling him about them.  Not to be out done, Andrew announced that his mittens would have words!  So, here they are.  Also, notice the item they are photographed on…

I do have to say that there must be something about this pattern, as I had a slight issue with dye lots AGAIN.  Since Andrew is a colorist, I am going to fess up right now (but not rip back).  The thumb tips and the top of one mitten are a slightly different light blue.  You would have to point it out to others, but the 2 of us would notice it right away.  They is what they is.  Enjoy.

Yarn was Baby Ull by Dale of Norway.  Machine washable, dry flat.