Baby Coat progress 

I have finally finished the body to the Baby Coat.  I hate doing Fair Isle on the purl rows.  And this sweater has you carry 3 different colors every 6th row.  I thought that I was so smart to plan that row with 3 colors to always be a knit row.  Not so, but it probably worked out for the best, as the purl rows with Fair Isle are so difficult anyways, that I just had 2 colors on the knit row and could go faster there.

This really is a coat, as the knitted fabric is very dense.  It will be good with the hood and matching hat.

Next, I started on the sleeves.  They have a garter stitch cuff that is rolled up, and the pattern calls for it to be knit back and forth, and then joined in a round prior to starting the Fair Isle portion.  That means more seaming, and on garter stitch, which I do not like.  I found it much easier to knit in the round alternating a knit row with a purl row, and resulting in a garter stitch look, but no seam to sew, and it is very smooth.  The other change that should be noted is that the pattern has you cast on an even number of stitches for the sleeves, but you are suppose to center a pattern stitch on the back.  So I increased an extra stitch in the last row, and that way the sleeves are perfectly balanced at the increases, and it makes those easier to keep track of.

When I finish knitting the sleeves for this sweater, I will sew and cut the steeks for this and the Zebra sweater that is waiting.  It take such courage for me to do that, I would prefer more than one at a time.