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I had put the irtfa’a faroese lace shawl on hold for many months now.  The knitting of the body was fun and quick.  But when I started to do the bind off edging I got frustrated and put it away.  Most of the time when I do these knitted pattern bind-offs, there is a rhyme and reason to them and I am able to establish a rhythm to keep going.  Not so with this one.  I struggled many times to get the directions correct.  I usually prefer to follow a chart, but for the bind off, found that the written instructions were “easier”.  I have finally figured it out, but this will be a slow process, and one that I need to work on when I can concentrate.

I also realized that I did not use a larger size needle for the main body of the shawl as instructed.  I hope that this blocks out okay.