Lucinda Guy 

Still working on finishing up my shawl.  Perhaps the edge band will be complete today, I am very close.  Then to wash and block…

I ordered some more knitting books recently.  I had gotten a gift card when we signed up for AT&T U-Verse (buyer beware, lots of glitches with this one).  They make the gift cards almost impossible to use at a store, on purpose I am sure.  It was getting close to the expiration date, and I finally bought myself an Amazon gift card lest I loose the AT&T value.   So, I had some money sitting there, and bought my husband a couple of CD’s, and myself a couple of books.  2 came today.

The one that I will focus on today is Lucinda Guy, Handknits for Kids, featuring Rowan Yarns.  I originally saw this book years ago, and fell in love with the patterns, and more importantly the layout and “models”.

They have the cutest patterns, for both boys and girls, selected by seasons:

A few years back, I had purchased the second book in this series, and already have this in my library.  I learned the hard way to purchase books that I really like when I see them, as knitting books so quickly go out of print, and the runs are often very small.  I have yet to make anything out of this book, but I love looking at the designs.

And for you crocheters:

And due out this summer, I will wait to see what this is like: