Kitsch or Art?

I was in western Illinois yesterday looking at a new project that I am involved in.  We arrived early, so explored Mount Carroll, Illinois.  Saw a beautiful old college, Shrimer College, long since abandoned.  I wish that I had the funds to refurbish this as a retreat area.  They don’t build buildings like that anymore, and 30 years of abandonment and neglect is taking it’s toll on them.  Then we saw the Carnegie Library in town, where someone in the 60’s or 70’s convinced them to cover every surface with acoustical tile panels, obscuring the original beautiful buildings.  There is a dome, that I am sure has something amazing behind it.

But, by far the most memorable viewing was a quick drive by to Raven’s Grin Inn, a “haunted house”.  Here is the photo that I found at the Dairy Queen in the local attractions:

And here are my photos, a very bizarre place.  The proprietor came out and talked to us, explaining how he had been “working” on the place for 22 years.  Admission was $12, and I would be tempted to go by just to see this next time I am in the area:

The last image has writing on the left that said “The shroud of Turino”.

Then we went to Iowa’s only island town, Saboula, for a pizza dinner, at Bombfire Pizza.   They have an eclectic atmosphere, albums for menu covers, quite a cast of characters, and a tile decorated wood pizza oven.  It was a hippie haven, should have taken photos there also.  Good pizza though.  Quite a day of interesting visual images.