Harmony guides 

Years ago, I purchased 2 of the original Harmony guide books.  I am not sure why I did not purchase them all, as they are a great reference.  Might have been because I already had all of the Barbara Walker books, and thought it might be overkill.  I seem to have gotten over my fear of having too many knitting books.

These are the 2 that I purchased, and used the Aran one the most:

The other knitting volumes in the series were:

  • Knitting Techniques, Volume 1
  • 450 Knitting Stitches, volume 2
  • 440 More Knitting Stitches, Volume 3

So, when Interweave Press was having their big sale, I chose to purchase all of the new volumes in knitting that I could get:

And the following “deck of cards” with stitch patterns that you can carry around individually:

Now, when I compare the new Cables & Arans book to the older Harmony Guides, I must admit that I am preferring the older version.  In that one, the Aran patterns are grouped by the number of repeats in a pattern, making it much easier to group them together in a project, and have all of the repeats finished.  The new book seems to have less total cables and Arans than the 2 older versions that I have.  Also, although the knitted samples are bigger in the new book, the patterns are still small, and they are not as crisp and black as the originals.  I found sticky markers identifying the pages that I used to knit my husband an Aran cable panel sweater many years ago.  This is the sweater that I designed for him, using the Harmony Guides:

This is one of my favorite sweaters that I have made, and I designed it myself.  I love the intricate cabling on this, and it would have been much more difficult without the cables being grouped into repeat row numbers.

The other books look like a fine reference, but make me wonder if I should not have purchased more of the original.