Ho hum

This lace weight sweater is boring to knit.  I don’t quite know why I started it, and I hope that someone likes it.  Almost ready to put the sleeve stitches on holders.  I decided to make the size Medium.  It looks big enough, and this yarn will stretch I suspect.

So, I needed something interesting to knit, and in this heat, there is no way that I am going to pull out one of the unfinished wool sweaters.  So yesterday, I spent time looking at all of my lace books.  I chose to make the sampler shawl (smaller size, which is still quite big), from the book Victorian Lace.

I also wanted to use yarn from stash, so this is an alpaca/silk blend.  It is very soft.

And, on a separate note, here is today’s harvest from our little garden.  The heat has been good for the plants.  I am growing bush zucchini, and it seems to be doing well in a large container.  The purple string beans are climbers growing over a trellis at the back gate instead of flowers.  It has beautiful purple flowers, and I love the color of the beans.  They turn green when cooked.