Barbie Princess Dress 

We spent the weekend in Buffalo staying at the historic Roycroft Inn in East Aurora.  We had eaten there dozens of times, and I had always wanted to stay.  It was wonderful, but next time we are just going to stay in the town more to enjoy this place.  It was great to eat outside on the wonderful covered porch. And this was our room:

We spent the long weekend touring lots of historic buildings, and visiting Dan’s sister and family.  My niece, Rebecca, is a very girly girl 5 year old, and loves dolls and everything “Princess”.  When I saw that she had Barbie Dolls, I showed her photos of the doll clothes that I had knit on my blog, knowing that this would be the dress that she would pick.  I had no doubt that she would choose a pink for the color—not the dark pink.  So, I came home and started this yesterday.

This has been fun to make, and brings up old memories of my childhood, sitting in my parents living room, knitting clothes to sell.  This was always my most complicated and time consuming dress, and therefore commanded the most money.  Might have been as much as $5.00.  I am almost done with the skirt part, and have almost used a full skein of Baby Ull.  I changed the pattern just a bit to accommodate better finishing techniques that I did not know at the tender age of 12.  I cast on using a loose cable cast-on.  This gave firmer definition to the dress, and allowed me to start with a knit row right away.  The first row is a bear, after casting on 211 stitches, I had to make 104 bobbles off of the cast-on row.  I also allowed one plain stockinette stitch extra on each side to allow me to mattress seam the back.  In the past I would have just sewn it up with a cast over stitch.  I promised to send progress photos to her, so will send this one off tonight.  I should finish it tonight or tomorrow, but I don’t want to tell her that, as patience is not the best at age 5.

Here are some of the great sites that we saw on our trip: