Old unwanted sweater 

What do you do with an old, but perfectly good sweater that nobody wants any more?  I made this for my daughter when she was about 12 to wear when she was practicing figure skating.  It has a slit bottom so that she could do jumps and not be constricted.  She has been cleaning out her closet and brought this up to me.  I am reluctant to just give it to the local resale shop.  Hard to see that good work go to waste, but I do not want to store this sweater.  I think that I have much improved in my kntting abilities, and this is not one I would hold onto for a long time.  I had washed it and blocked it a few months ago, and thought if I blocked it bigger she would wear it.  No such luck.

It has pretty cables at the top and bottom, and is a nice heathery 100% wool sweater.  Any suggestions?