Barely Enough

i just finished my second to the last pair of Socks That Rock (still looking for that last skein and pattern).   As ususal, the skein barely squeaked by with enough yarn for both socks.  This is all that is left:

I really had wanted to put another repeat on the cuffs, as they are a tad shorter than I would like.  I stopped at the time, as the pattern called for 6 1/4″ , or “desired length”, code for you won’t have enough yarn if you don’t listen to us and follow the pattern.  So, now they are all done, pair #11 from the 2nd and 3rd years of the STR club, and the only ones that I have kept for myself.  It is a bit cool right now, and I am wearing them around the house.  They will always be house socks, as they are a bit bulky.  The garter stitch toe and heel are very comfy however.  They look kind of funny when not on a foot, and the cuff is a bit loose for my tastes.