Sox Socks

Wednesday night was the Stitch ‘n Pitch night at Sox stadium in Chicago.  My husband went with me, and we met others from my knitting group, and were surrounded by knitters from the area.  Dan was happy with the seats in spite of their reasonable price, in left field right in front of the pitchers warm-up area.  I needed a mindless project to work on, so I started a pair of black and white socks for Dan.  I am going to try to put a reasonable facsimile of the Sox “S” on the top of the foot.  Right now it is just the cuff with 3 white stripes.  I am planning on doing white heels and toes.  The black yarn is Cascade sock yarn, not recommended.  It has lots of slubs, and is not very refined.  The white yarn is Jawoll, one of my favorite sock yarns.

And the Sox beat the Twins 6-1.