Sheep & Wool Festival 

I went to the Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival with my husband over the weekend.  We had a blast.  We saw sheep shows, sheep shearing, baby lambs, sheep dogs in action, and of course a great vendors market.

This one reminded me of Lloyd.  The same color of curls.  I should have gotten a photo of his head.

The sheep shearing was fascinating.  The unruly and scared sheep were grabbed around the head, pulled into the shearing area and flipped over on their backs.  The minute that their feet were not touching the ground they became very complacent and let themselves be sheared.  The demonstration sheep were all yearlings, so this was their first shearing.  This man completed a sheep in just over 90 seconds.  He stated that on a normal working day, his top # of sheep sheared was 370+.  Apparently there are men out there who can do 500 in an 8 hour workday.

And the lambs were so adorable.

My husband loved the Shetland sheep.  I think that it is because they are an older breed, and the color ranges that they come in.  Apparently 13 colors of Shetland sheep.  So, our dream farm includes a pasture with one sheep of each color.  First we will start by adding Chickens to our animal family.