Returning to Montague

The sweater that is…  I only wish that I could sit on the beach, especially in the gorgeous Fall weather that we have been having.

This is a slow progressing sweater, but I knew that about Hanne Falkenberg patterns when I started.  The instructions for the front neck were a bit confusing, so I put it away for a few days (after trying and ripping out twice), and I realized that she was asking for CO 3 sts once, CO 2 sts 3x, then CO 1 stitch (all every other row at the neck edge) until you reach the desired number.  Her instructions were:  Cast off at neck edge on alternate row, first 3,2,2,2 sts and then 1 st until 38 sts remain.  I kept thinking that it was size related, and it is not.  I guess I was in a bit of a brain fog.  That fog continued to the sleeves where I did not understand that after 2 garter st rows with the picked up sts next to the saddle shoulder, and knit several rows in garter until the decreases didn’t make sense.  Then I went and found the card with the photograph on it.  The sleeves are all in the Shaker rib after the first 2 rows, and attached to the front and back.  Makes for a bit of a bulky knit to carry around, but a lot less sewing up at the end.  Anyways, here is my progress:

Hanne Falkenberg Chess Men’s Pullover.

Colors: Aubergine and Coffee from the Hanne Kit.