Little Guys 

I started these yesterday.  We went to Wisconsin to see Ethan play frisbee, and I was working on another pair of socks.  I had taken along a new book that I just got, Knit Socks! 17 Classic Patterns for Cozy Feet.  I had been perusing this book the day prior, and saw the cute “Little Guys”  sock pattern, and thought it would be fun to knit up.

I used a beautiful tangerine colored Baby Ull by Dale of Norway,  Size 1 needles.  Very, Very Quick.  There are some other patterns in this book that I would like to knit, notably the cover socks.   This is a good book for beginning sock knitters, as every step is clearly spelled out in chart format.  Myself, I could do without all of the beginning pages on the anatomy of a sock, and basic sock knitting techniques.  Seriously, how many books do you need that cover this same information?