My “go-to” sweater coat 

I made this coat many years ago.  It was designed by Joan Schrouder, and is called the “Barnstormer”.    I was even able to track down the pattern in my knitting filing cabinet.

I had taken a class with Beth Walker O’Brien at Have Ewe Any Wool in Elmhurst many years ago.  I remember working on this in the spring of 2000 as I watched my son play baseball, and then we got into the car to drive to look at some poodle puppies for sale–and Lloyd chose us then.  I saw her example of this coat, and she was offering a class.  The original yarn specified was no longer available, so as a class we substituted Harrisville Highland Style.  I worked hard on the colors, and time has proven it right, as I still love this jacket.

It is a heavy garter stitch coat.  The decoration is garter stitch fair isle.  This is about the only time that I have seen it done, and the result is stunning.  It has a knitted in pocket, a hood, and I-cord edging in an accent color.  Whenever I wear this it elicits wonderful comments, even from yarn shop owners and at knitting events.  I wore it last night to my knitting guild.  They were talking about cleaning and preservation of knitted garments.  I decided to photograph this today, and saw some food stains on the front (those snacks last night?), and horrors, a small hole.  Luckily, I have a spare skein of the blue tweed, as I had planned long ago to shorten the arms.

So, it is getting a well deserved bath right now, and I will dry and repair it.

Detail of the garter stitch fair isle:

Reverse side of the fair isle: