Lorna’s Laces 

Yesterday I dragged my husband to a warehouse sale and demonstration at Lorna’s Laces in the city.  Actually, I did not have to pull too hard.  He is keenly interested in sheep, wool, and the processes involved since our visit to the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival a few weeks ago.  Talk is of a future sheep farm (mostly fun speculation), but first we have to make sure that he does not kill the worms again, and Chickens are coming to the back yard next spring.

Mr & Mrs. Lorna’s Laces (not real names), were both extremely nice.  Their studio is located in the Ravenswood neighborhood in Chicago, in a great warehouse building full of woodworkers, candle makers, artists and small businesses.  After shopping, we got a great demo in custom dying, and a lot of questions answered.  While it is quite messy, it does not seem to be all that complicated.  Some day I will try it, I think by first taking a class.

I purchased some great yarn.  I had trouble in the past with her sock yarn being very splity, so I checked out the Mill Ends carefully.  Dan picked this out for socks for himself:

And I got this for socks for me.  I had first picked out a skein of primary colors, but thought that it would get muddied, I like how these colors flow together:

And these are for a pair of mittens, I hope 200 yards of sport weight is enough…

And finally, this sock yarn (you had to buy the full bag) for a Faroese shawl for myself.  I think that it will knit up beautifully.