Birthday exchange 

On Ravelry, there is a group for those who have September 22nd as their birthday.  Obviously, postings are pretty much non-existent until shortly before and after the big day.  It is fun to see what other are like who were born on the same date all over the world.   This year, an idea was made to have a “Birthday Twins” exchange.  I jumped right in.  I always wanted a twin, and watched my brother and sister who are twins and how close they are to each other.  So, next best thing, get gifts from someone who shares your BDay, and loves to knit as much as you do.  They were suppose to be mailed out October 22nd (I got mine out late, sorry), and my gift arrived last week.

A box with goodies to spin with and try new different yarn (Ashland Bay Colonial Wool, Polwarth, a silk-merino, and a combo batt of Corridale mixed with others; Malabrigo worsted overdyed pink and purple by my gifter, and a book of Arts &  Crafts postcards, a little bottle to keep spinning oil for my new spinning wheel, and some knitting related photos.

And to top it off the packing tape had sushi on it!  Where can I get that?!  Sorry for the fuzzy photo on this…