Spinning books 

In my recent KnitPicks book and yarn purchase I got these 2 titles on spinning, both at the sale of 40% off.  I thought that I should have some spinning reference books on hand to use.  I am slowly working my way through them, and currently have no comment on either their usefulness or quality of information.  Being the novice that I am, everything seems to be a bit confusing still.  I thought that The Spinner’s Companion would be good to have, as I like the format of a spiral bound flip book as a resource.  While I don’t use it a lot, the sister book The Knitter’s Companion is very good, and I do refer to it from time to time.

The second book that I purchased was The Intentional Spinner.  This seemed to get good reviews.  I need to spin some more, too many days away from it.