Goodwill purchase 

I recently purchased these few books at a great deal on the Goodwill Auction website.  I have bought out-of-print knitting books listed on eBay from Goodwill, and will often choose them as the seller if the price difference is not great.  One of the Ravelry forums that I have joined recently is for Ashford Spinners (the new Zealand maker of my “new” wheel).  There was a post about a traveling Ashford going cheaply on a Goodwill Auction (it eventually went way beyond what I was willing to pay), and it directed me to this source.  And it wasn’t like I NEED another wheel, I was just thinking of future traveling, trips, camps, etc.  Dan was right, spinning is spurring more purchases.

So, here are the books I got.  I really wanted the Traditional Island Knitting and the Knitting Lace books, but was pleasantly surprised with the other 2 in the lot.  The More Knitting in Vogue has a couple of torn sheets, but does not affect it’s use.   Some great classic sweaters in this book.  The Debbie Bliss book has some beautiful Aran and Guernsy sweaters for children.  Much more detailed projects than many of her later books.

There was also another spiral bound book called Country Knits for Kids, by Carol Huber from 1987.  While I would not knit many of the sweaters, it is a great resource for some fair isle patterns.  This is a sweater from this book:

I am very happy with the whole lot, including the mystery purchases.