Noro Shrug 

I pulled this shrug out yesterday and wore it to school.  It was a beautiful fall day with temperatures in the 60’s, and I wanted to wear something that would work both outside and in the studio (where it can be cool).  I have not worn this sweater in awhile.  I made it right after the pattern came out in Knitty Fall 2003.  I loved the Noro yarn, it was so new and different.  The gradual color gradations, and the wonderful combinations.  This shrug is the perfect use of this yarn and I loved the colors.  Yes, I made it just like in the magazine, those are my colors after all, and they are so perfect for the Fall.  I remember the pattern being very easy and quick to knit.  I think that I did a really good job with matching the colors on each arm.  While I like this shrug, I quickly grew out of Noro yarns.  They are not a well refined yarn, it is a single ply.  This was knit on a size 7 needle, and you know how I dislike anything above a size 3 for the most part.  Noro is very popular with new knitters, as you can make a simple hat or scarf and it looks neat.  However, it is a bit of a scratchy yarn, and I have only used it one other time since.  I do have a skein of their sock yarn to work up, but have heard quality complaints about it also.

I really need a mannequin, as I have nobody to  photograph me, and no models living at home.

The other Noro sweater tomorrow…