Chicken Sweaters 

No, not sweaters that I am too scared to knit, but actual sweaters for chickens!

My sister sent me this video link a few days ago.  I love the retired English ladies and their comments about knitting for chickens. Dan and I have been considering getting backyard chickens.  We are going to convert the kids old playhouse into a chicken coop.  It just might become the only chicken coop with a stained glass door.    This will be our first step towards that farm with Sheep and goats, and of course at least one horse.  We have successfully kept our current batch of worms alive, so we are on a roll.  I guess I should know how to knit a chicken sweater in case the need ever comes up.  Apparently, some chickens can lose their feathers if stressed, or picked on in the coop.  This poses a health threat to them, as they are vulnerable to the cold, insects and abrasions.  If you are truly interested, here is the pattern.  I think that I will keep it for future reference.  It is good to know that knitting always comes in handy.  I have often thought that it is a solution to most problems.  I just might be right!