Spinning help 

There is a fellow blogger whom I follow that is also a new spinner.  She actually got her wheel about a month after I did, only took one class, and already has improved way beyond me.  So I decided that drastic measures were needed.

I strapped me and my wheel in the car…

And drove 60 miles to The Fold in Marengo, Illinois.  I had called a couple of days prior to ask Toni Neil, the owner, if she would be able to check out my wheel, and if she had the repair kits and parts that I had been looking for.  Her answer was to come on up.  So, I drove up to what appeared to be a simple Ranch house, but inside was a spinner’s dream, many brands of spinning wheels, drum carders, drop spindles, roving and top (both natural and dyed), books, videos, knitty knoddy’s, and all the repair parts a spinner could need.  And lots of yarn to boot.

Toni was very gracious and helpful, checked out my wheel, adjusted the tension, and sat with me while we both spun and talked a bit.  It seems that the main problem that I had been having with my wheel was the tension.  When it was oiled and properly adjusted, this is what I was able to spin:

I am so excited!  And, I seem to be keeping up the pace at home.  Of course I needed to purchase a repair kit:

And a Knitty Knoddy:

And more fiber, now that I feel confident.  This is from Blue Moon Fiber Arts.  While I have not been a fan of their sock yarns, I love the colors of their dying.  I recently found out that they dye roving, so this was something that I wanted to try.  I am still not sure how to predict what the colors will look like.  This is 100% Blue Face Leicester; Colorway: Basan; 8.75 ounces.

And this is what the Basan colorway looks like in their sock yarn.  It will be interesting to see how mine matches up:

I’m not done yet.

Gypsy Girl creations Merino Wool, 8.4 oz; Colorway:  Iris.  This was on sale, so I couldn’t resist.

And these are by Fiber Optic Yarns; 100% Bluefaced Leicester;  4oz. each, which I plan on plying together.  Bramble and Everglade, beautiful tonal colors.

And then, a gift from Toni, a small collapsible Knitty-Knoddy.  We figured that it was 24-25″ per round.