Jumbo spinning 

I just got a new (barely used) jumbo flyer and 3 bobbins for my spinning wheel.  This will allow me to spin yarn and fill 2 or 3 bobbins, and then ply (twist together) those single yarns into a 2 or 3 ply yarn without having to have small skeins.  Prior to this, if I had 2 full bobbins, I would have had to split the skeins in half to get them to fit on one regular sized bobbin after plying.  And I do hate to have ends when knitting.

I will try plying my yarn that I spun last week soon.  First I need to finish spinning on this bobbin.  The fleece is 70% Navajo Churro Sheep, 30% Alpaca.  I bought this about a year ago when I took the drop spindle class (which I never got the hang of).  I bought 2 balls of roving, and thought that they were the same as they looked fairly close.  But the other ball is 100% Churro Sheep.  That should not be a problem, as I will ply them together for a 85/15 ratio in the finished yarn.  The Churro sheep is very different to spin, coarser and kinkier.  Not difficult, just different.  I think that it will make good mittens, the yarn is spinning up a lovely grey with black flecks in it.

It is fun getting a feel for the different fibers and how they work up.