Gardener Socks 

My Gardener Socks are coming along nicely.  I am almost finished with the first sock.  The vine pattern at the front did not seem to “pop” as much as the one in the photo, but looks okay, and better when on a foot.

And I like the way that the gussets are increased at the bottom of the foot.  My major complaint about toe-up socks though is that you can never really measure your foot accurately, especially when doing a gussets.  Look at the V increase in the foot, I probably should have started it 4-6 rows earlier, but they will still fit.

And the spider at the back is turning out nicely:

The spider motif is from one of Barbara Walkers’s Treasure of Knitting Patterns book.  I used the same spider many years ago on a sweater that I knit, which was designed by my 12-year-old son.  What pre-teenager wouldn’t like spiders on their sweater.

And I am still trying to find leg mannequins, hand mannequins and a torso so that I can better photograph my projects.  In the meantime, I remembered some antique shoemakers molds that I had in the basement and used that for my sock photography.