First Snow 

My Magnolia tree:

Today was the first snowfall of the year.  I woke on Wednesday morning to beautiful big snowflakes circling around, but no accumulation.  This morning was several inches of gorgeous white snow.  I need to enjoy it the first day or so, as in the city it becomes dirty and ugly with great rapidity.  Today has been an indoor day, enjoying having my husband back home, cooking, reading, and of course knitting and spinning.  I have been working on spinning up the ball of 100% Navajo Churro wool that I bought at Esther’s Place last year.  It spins a dense, somewhat rough yarn, but when I pre-draft it, it feels like a beautiful soft airy cloud.  I think that pre-drafted wool, this is my favorite so far.

I will see how the actual yarn is when plyed with the Churro/Alpaca blend that I spun last week.

I added a new column to the sidebar of this blog titled Books I’ve Read.  This is mainly for my own cataloguing of what I have been reading.  Most of the books are, and will be from my book club selections.  We meet once a month, and that seems to be about all of the reading that I am able to do.  My star rating is the obvious 1-5, with 5 being the best.  I am just finishing up The Rain Before It Falls.  An okay read, just not very well written.