Libby on the Label

Remember the song from the 70’s for Libby’s canned food.  “If it says Libby, Libby, Libby on the label, label, label, then you will like it, like it, like it, on your table, table, table.” That is one of those advertising limericks that always seems to be buzzing around in my head (and not all are welcome, I just can’t figure out how to delete them).  So, when I met a real Libby a few years ago, it was front and foremost.   Libby is needing to take better care of herself these days, so I made her a pair of socks, naturally.  I started by doing a cable down the sides with straight ribbing, and that quickly became mundane.  So, I made cables that cross over and around each other and travel across the front of the sock.  My first “pattern”, and I am calling them Libby on the Label. I need to figure out how I can write these up these on a program.  I found one online that would have worked, but was a bit cumbersome to use.  Does anyone know of a good knitwear design program for a Mac?

Here are the socks, knitted with Panda Wool by Crystal Palace Yarns.  (46% bamboo – 43% wool – 11% nylon), it is a very soft yarn.  And of course, that tune kept playing over and over in my head as I knit these for her.: