It’s a Wonderful Life 

Our local community bank (yes a few do still exist), rented the local movie theater’s large screen yesterday and gave a free showing of It’s a Wonderful Life.  This has to be my favorite movie.  I first saw it in college, when they used to show old movies in the large auditoriums.  Remember, this was pre-VCR.  Then, when we did get a VCR, this was one of the few movies that I HAD to have.  And last year, my kids upgraded me to a Blue-Ray player, with this movie of course.

There are so many iconic images and quotes in this movie.  A few years after meeting me, my husband also became a huge fan.  He loves to quote from this movie throughout the year, it is amazing how many phrases can be made to be relevant to a current situation.  His favorite is “I’ll wait for you Babe.”  It is not the Christmas season without at least 2 viewings.  Many Christmas Eves I sat up into the wee hours wrapping presents with Bedford Falls to keep me company.

I was so excited when I moved to Oak Park, and have a friend named George Bailey who actually lives on Clarence Street, and another friend who is from Elmira, NY.  And sometimes, I do feel like Oak Park is a bit like Bedford Falls.

I always get a good feeling when watching this, and it reminds me that life is not about stuff, but about the friends and family that you have to share life with.  In that regard I am truly blessed.

Thank you to all my friends and my family for always being there, supporting me in everything that I do, and sharing the ups and downs of life.

Merry Christmas Everyone!