Jumbo Plying 

When I bought the Jumbo flyer for my spinning wheel from someone on Ravelry, it came with the maiden head and an incorrect sized orifice.  I had to go online and order a new plastic fitter to accept the jumbo flyer—all of $2.50, so no big deal except for the down time on the spinning.  All of my bobbins were full as I thought I would be able to ply with the new jumbo bobbins.  So, while I was ordering anyways, I decided to get a horizontal Lazy Kate.  I did not like the few times that I had used the one that came with the spinning wheel.  I got a tensioned Lazy Kate, to avoid the spin back, and keep the bobbins in sync better.

And away I went plying my yarn into decent sized skeins.  That’s my knitty-knotty winding the 2-ply yarn off the bobin:

And, this is yarn that I actually can knit something with.  The white is Cormo wool, 216 yards, the roving a Birthday gift from my friend Manning.  A bit under-twisted in the plying, but I think that it will work in conjunction with the grey.  The grey is Navajo-Churro sheep, 356 yards.  I am going to combine them with the yarn that I spun from my birthday gift, I am thinking a nice warm pair of fair isle mittens:

And my birthday gift spinning samples: