A Knitted Christmas 

We all know about the ubiquitous knitted Christmas stockings.  This free pattern from Cascade is on my list for one year:

And of course, there are knitted ornaments, tiny sweaters being popular:

My mother used to always make crocheted snowflakes for the tree.  I have several that go onto my Christmas tree every year.  Here is a link to over 150 different, free crocheted snowflakes.  I never knew that there could be that many out there.

But the most interesting to me is these knitted garlands that I saw advertised on a style blog the other day.  How cool is that:

And another variation:

I think that I like the natural ones the best.  A good use for leftover wool.  I have been throwing away the small pieces of Roving that break off, I think that I might save them for next year…