Spider socks

I finished these spider socks a couple of days ago.  I am not sure if I am keeping them for myself, or giving them away.  I made them with Malabrigo sock yarn, color Leaf.  I really like this yarn, it has great colors, is the fine gauge that I love, and knits up beautifully.

I really like the gusset increases at the bottom of the foot.  I am, however, still not a fan of the toe-up sock.  I find it much more difficult to calculate the desired foot length, and even when done, it never seems to be exactly right.  The only advantage that I see is that you can knit the leg of the sock until you run out of yarn.  Hope you can make out the gussets between the photo above, and this one:

It was really hard to photograph these myself.  This is why I need sock blockers (or a foot mannequin)!  I should have put them on my Christmas list: