The Making of a Lady 

I had to wait until after Christmas presents were opened to post this…

In progress over the past couple of months:

And finished, with all of her fancy outfits:

And even undies, with a hole for the tail naturally.

She was a big hit (even though I had left her out, in progress, when Sofia was home over Thanksgiving).


This was a kit from KnitPicks.  I knit up most of the clothing that was designed for her. I still have a purse to do, and opted not to make a pair of Capri pants.  Sofia has also asked for a beret for her head, and I think perhaps some earrings.

This was knit using the KnitPicks sock yarn, which I was pleasantly surprised with.  I am not sure that I would make a pair of socks with it, but it knit up nicely.  The body of the monkey was knit with size 1 needles, and the clothes were all knit with a size 2 needle.  I am really happy that I chose to go up a needle size for the clothes, as I think that they would have been very tight.  I, fortunately, read a similar comment on Ravelry that cued me into this issue.  The body was stuffed with bamboo stuffing.  I have never used that before, but thought that it would breathe much better than the polyester.  It is a bit dense to run a needle through when sewing up, but I think worth the effort.   It has a nice soft firmness to it.  She has safety eyes instead of regular buttons, and embroidered eyelashes.  Even duplicate stitch on the lips to give them that feminine flair.

This was made for Sofia, as 3 years earlier I had knit up a VERY large sock monkey for her Christmas present that was a big hit, even though he takes up a lot of space on the bed.