Thank-you Knitters, Friends and Family

Thanks to my great friends and family, and an awesome group of knitters I was able to pull off the best Christmas surprise.  I could not write about this on my blog pre-Christmas, on the off-chance that my daughter would actually read my blog.  Sofia graduated in May with a Masters in Urban Planning, and immediately started her full-time job working on transportation and housing issues at a not-for-profit, The Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT).  As part of her job, she collects transit data from all over the US and compiles it in relation to housing costs.  The previous inhabitant of her cube had dressed it up with a couple of transit maps.  Sofia wanted to fill her cubicle with maps from all over the world, but when I saw it last Fall, there were 2.  So, I put out the word to friends, family and on Ravelry.  I must say that my knitting friends came through in spades.  I amassed a collection of maps from all over the US and world.  I also purchased a 1953 Chicago transit map, that is pre freeway and still with streetcars, on eBay.  So, I put all these together in layers of 4-5 maps separated by tissue paper in a large shirt box.  I almost forgot to give it to her on Christmas morning.  I must say that it was a huge hit, and she had so much fun opening it up.  I even included all of the notes that people had sent, which were very nice.  Word has it that decorating started in the cubicle this week.

If you have a map you would like to send along, the collection is still growing.  Sofia is a self-proclaimed transportation geek.

Obvious gaps are China, most of Europe (except London, Paris and Barcelona),  in Scandinavia we have Norway only.