2010 Retrospective 

I just spent the past hour looking through all of my posts from the last year.  I wanted to compile my progress for myself in one place, I have never looked at my yearly output before.

My goal for this year had been to finish some languishing projects.  On that front, I was not as successful as I had hoped for.

I finished the following items, started mostly in 2009:

  • Volt
  • Ladybug sweater
  • Ladybug hat
  • Henry Scarf
  • Irtfa’a shawl
  • Penguin Baby pull-over and hat, DoN

And in 2010 I started and finished:

  • Man Cowl for my husband
  • Dale of Norway Vancouver – Dale of Norway (DoN)
  • Baby Kimono, DoN
  • Baby Zebra Dress, DoN
  • Dan Socks
  • Monkey Socks
  • Baby Ballet Slippers
  • Mittens with Words
  • Cabled Socks
  • Vernal Equinox Shawl
  • Barbie Princess Dress
  • Gumdrop Socks, STR (Socks that Rock)
  • Zig-Zag socks, last STR project
  • Barbie Skirt & top
  • Cotton Candy scarf (with my own hand-spun yarn!!!)
  • Little Guy Socks
  • Carmen the Sock Monkey and 3 outfits
  • Libby Socks (my own pattern)

Started in 2010 and not yet finished:

  • Baby Zebra Sweater, DoN
  • Baby Hooded Sweater, DoN
  • Featherweight Cardigan (not liking this too well)
  • Sox Socks (will probably be ripped out)
  • Montague (almost finished!)

I also realized from looking at my posts, how much my library has grown this year.  And since September, a good part of my time has been spent trying to master spinning.  I am having a great time with that, and will hopefully be able to spin enough good yarn to actually knit with it this year.

This post literally took me HOURS, as I forced myself to learn a new photo editing program.  I think that it was successful.

Goals for next year:

  • Start new projects only if I am really interested in the project, or learn a new skill
  • Try and finish a couple of more UFO’s
  • Get better at spinning, and take some more classes
  • Have fun and relax, that is what this is all about anyways…