1 day Booties

I made these booties for my husband’s co-worker.  They just had a new baby boy 6 weeks early, but everything is looking good.  The pattern is Christine’s Stay-on Baby Booties, and it is worth giving the link to this again.

This is my second pair of these booties.  I think that they are fun to make, and they actually do stay on.  The booties start with a 10 stitch by 36 row garter stitch bottom.  Then you pick up 18 stitches along each side, and 10 sts at the cast-on edge.  From this point on, the booties are knit in the round, with the exception of a few short rows at the top of the shoe to create the front part of the foot.  It is a very easy pattern to follow and quick.

I chose to make these with multiple colors. The ties are a 4 stitch I-cord to match.

When looped through the eyelet holes, these cords securely tie the booties onto any kicking babies’ foot.  I gave 8 rows for the brown turn-over top.  As you can see, the change-over shows just a tad at the top.  Next time I think that I will allow 10 rows.

They are just so darn cute!

As I said, a very quick knit.  Start to finish was 10 hours, with time off to cook a big dinner, take a bath, and do the other household “stuff”.  I hesitate to tell people how quickly I knit things, as in some eyes it seems to diminish the value of the gift.  My sister gave me the best line when asked how long something would take to knit:

40 years and 10 hours (Years it took to master your craft + time for the current project).

Yarn is Dale of Norway Baby Ull.