Big bag of fiber

On New Years Day my wonderful husband willingly agreed to drive 60 miles each way with me to a yarn and fiber shop in Marengo, Illinois, The Fold (the only one in the area with a great spinning and fiber selection).  We drove out, and he patiently waited while I chose some new fibers to spin up.  Here is a sample of what I got that day, haven’t started with any of it yet.

The light blue is Merino with Tencel (2# worth!), the natural (8 oz) and dark blue (4 oz) I cannot remember what the wool was (no tags), the pink with glitter is Bluefaced Leicester & Glitz (8 oz), and the tangerine color is 82% Corriedale wool/18% Alpaca (3 oz).

I also got this superwash handyed roving from Helen Mathey-Horn, 8 ounces.  That will become a pair of socks for myself.

We met an interesting woman who was shopping there; she told us of her 12 spinning wheels, tons of fiber, and she has not spun in 6 years.  The information that she shared with us was great, but I didn’t ask why she was there, and purchasing more fiber if she had not been spinning for years.  She explained all the whorl ratios to my husband, and the different spinning and plying methods.  He was greatly interested, and admitted to me how he could see that I might want 2, maybe three wheels with one being a traveling wheel (I said that he was wonderful!), but we couldn’t quite get where she was coming from.

I am also waiting on some fibers being shipped to me that I got over the weekend when Dizzy Sheep had a spinning extravaganza sale.  I think that I have enough, lest people start questioning me also.