WIP Wednesday

I am posting an old photo as my work in progress for today.  That is because this project sat on the shelves, in a box, in a knitting bag, on the floor, on the table, and out of my mind for 15 months.  When I went back to it, I continued working on the sleeves that I had started, and made good progress.  Then I moved to the body, as I was hoping to make it longer than the pattern called for.  As I was knitting away, I noticed one hole, then two, then three.  I don’t think that it was moths, just weak yarn.  So, I tore it back, and my progress matches this photo from 2009, after a full days work, except that I have one sleeve done in addition to the 2/3 rd’s one shown.  So much for moving along.  But, at least I found the problem prior to finishing it all up.  Thank God for spit splices!