Knitting Injury?

I seem to be having knitting related problems with my thumb.  I went to sleep a few nights ago, and had a sore thumb joint, and during the middle of the night a blister appeared, which proceeded to get bigger as the night progressed.  I think that Dr. Andrew diagnosed it correctly, either pre-arthritis, or a ganglion cyst.  A result of too much movement on a weak joint.  I use this thumb when I knit (part of the secret of my speed).  I have been trying to knit without using it as much.  So, I have moved over to spinning and finishing for a few days to give this a rest.  Also, I will schedule some acupuncture and massage therapy.  This is too serious to mess around with, I could not imagine a life without me knitting.

I have finished spinning up this yarn:

And am in the process of plying it:

This was the Gypsy Girl creations Merino Wool, 8.4 oz; Colorway:  Iris.  I like the color, but the wool had tons of nibs in it.  Way too many to take out.  I wish that I had a drum carder to clean this up a bit.