All about accessories

It’s all about the accessories in pretty much everything isn’t it?  Whether it be the finishing touches on a room, the scarf or jewelry with an outfit, or all the additional items one needs for a sport or hobby.

When I got my spinning wheel, I quickly realized that I needed a better lazy kate (horizontal and tensioned), a large flyer to ply my newly spun yarn into bigger skeins, a niddy-knoddy—the list goes on and on.  What I did not think would become so important was where I sat while spinning.  Any chair should do, right?  Not so.  If it is not exactly at the right height, I am not comfortable, or not adequate support, my spinning is more labored.   I am sure that being a novice affects this, as the stars need to be aligned for me to have a great spinning session.  So, I have been using this stool for my spinning.

For those of you who do not recognize it, it is a Thomas Moser 18″ high stool, the seat is modeled after a tractor seat.  Made in Maine of American black cherry with ash legs.  My house is filled with furniture from them, and this was a gift to my husband from me for his guitar playing.  I seem to have co-opted the stool away from him.  I am trying to remember to give it to him at night for his guitar playing.  The more that I use it, the more I realize how perfect it is for this purpose.  I might just have to purchase another one some day.

I have been spinning up these 2 colors of BFL (Bluefaced Leicester) from Fiber Optics.

Here are the individual singles.  I had originally planned on plying them together, but I am not sure now.  I will do a test to see how it looks, and knits up.

I am still mainly spinning.  My thumb is healing slowly.  I have spared everyone the gruesome photos of how it looks.  I can’t wait for it to feel better again so that I can knit like normal.