Purple and Green

I have spun up 1/2 of the green and purple roving from Fiber Optics.  I originally had purchased these to ply together.  They were so incredibly beautiful as singles that I was starting to question that plan.  Purple and green are my favorite colors, and I normally love them together.

However, I took the leap, and plied the first group together.  I still was not convinced, but needed to continue with what I started:

316 yards with 4 ounces of roving.  My best yardage yet.

Still questioning my judgement, I wound the skein into a center pull ball.

And, I decided to start knitting this up right away.  I chose the pattern Herbivore.  My friend Mimi has been working on this, and I thought it would be a good size to utilize my handspun yarn.   It is knitting up very soft.  I am liking it more as it progresses.