I am not convinced

I finished my Herbivore scarf, and I am not convinced:

  • that I like the pattern
  • that it is big enough
  • that it is a good use of my handspun yarn
  • that I will actually wear it

I have finished the knitting and set it out to block.  Because I have so many doubts, and because I do not want to waste my precious Fiber Optics handspun yarn, I have not woven in the ends.  That allows me to add more length, or completely rip it out.  Until this dries, it leaves me with another dilemma, I have 2 full bobbins of the second half of each of the purple and green rovings.  If I do not need it for this scarf, I might not ply them together.  So, I have to use up the odd bits on the other 2 bobbins, so that I am able to do some more spinning.

These photos are a bit off in color, as the blue blocking mats affect the yarn color.

Hopefully this will dry today.  Sitting at home waiting for the blizzard.