20″ and counting.  I am home alone with the quads.  I needed to go out and shovel a path for Lloyd so that he could get out to go to the bathroom.  He got stuck on the steps earlier this morning.  I could not venture far to get photographs.

I had to find things to entertain myself last night.  Amazingly enough, I got bored with just knitting and spinning and watching the news.  So, I went on YouTube and found tutorials on how to do Navajo plying.  For you non-spinners, instead of having 2 or more spun bobbins to ply together, you can use a single and crate a loop that you are continuously drawing a new section of thread through to make a 3-ply yarn.  If you have long color changes in your singles, that can keep those intact.  I needed to empty a spool to start some more spinning, so this was a good exercise.

That’s my iddy-bitty Niddy-Noddy for an iddy-bitty skein.  I think that I did pretty good.

I then washed it, and it relaxed nicely.  It was pretty easy to get the hang of doing, I will practice some more today.  Nothing else to do…