I purchased these tags to label my handspun, both for fiber content, date when it was spun up, and purchase location.  I can also add any additional notes or comments.  I had been putting small pieces of paper tucked into the skeins, but you can imagine how easily those are separated from each other.

The store had colored versions, neon, large & small.  I really like the retro look of these, and they do not detract from my beautifully spun and colorful yarns.  The price is right too, under $5.00 for a hundred, I am already starting to use them.

Today I am busy cleaning and organizing.  And kicking myself in the butt a bit that I did not take better advantage of being stranded at home alone.  Could have designed that beautiful original fair isle sweater and mittens, written the great american novel, or at the very least organized a closet or two.  That (the closet only) is for today.  My husband got back, and it feels better not being alone.  I wish that he had been here to share the 2 snow days with me.  He ended up getting stuck and had to delay getting home by a day as it was.  It is cold today, but sunny and bright, reflecting off all the white.