More books?!!!

Yes, more knitting books.  I must say that I am a particular sucker for those that feature fair isle and traditional knitting styles.  Always room for more inspiration.  These 2 books were recent eBay purchases.

First is Nordic Knitting (published 1987, before I had really discovered Fair Isle knitting and all of the various knitting traditions), which is both a history and a collection of 31 patterns in the Scandinavian tradition, covering The Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Aland and Finland.  I didn’t know much about Aland, which is a group of 6,000+ islands, part of Finland, but self-governing.  Apparently on a clear day you can see Sweden from the islands.  I wonder if that gives one foreign policy experience.  Much of the history is repeats from other books, but there are beautiful photographs of historic and modern Scandinavian knitting, and a few location shots for inspiration.   Great diagrams and charts for sizing your sweaters are included, these I like best of all.  It is amazing how knitting evolved slightly different from country to country, and each had its unique designs and garments.   And, as always, a couple of sweaters that I would love to knit one day.

The next book is Knitting Around the World (published 1993),which is a collection of articles from Threads magazine, many written Alice Starmore, and include articles by Meg Swansen, and Beth Brown- Reinsel (interesting look at the styles of knitting).  I love this, as there are multiple voices, and it is the best of articles from a great magazine.   Both of these books are classic, in that the styles will always be relevant, in my humble opinion.

On the knitting front, my thumb is healing, and I am getting back to knitting on a more normal basis.  I realized that I have not accomplished much so far this year.  I am getting close to finishing the DoN baby Kimono sweater.  The baby was born right before Christmas, so the timing should still be good.  I racked my knee shoveling the front walk out (so Dan would have a way to get to the house when he finally got home).  It is now impacting my spinning!  Seems like I am just falling apart.