Knitting Legacy 

I made Dan a continuous loop scarf for Christmas to keep his neck warm while working on the computer and sitting around the house.  Sofia liked it, and wanted to make one of her own.  So, she went to my stash and chose yarn.  And of course it was the cashmere silk (the variegated) and alpaca silk (soft green) blends.  She does have discriminating tastes.  I helped her start with a provisional cast-on, and she just knit in garter stitch, alternating the variegated with the solid every 2 rows.   When the knitting was finished, I Kirchner stitched the beginning and end together, and wove in the ends (I will teach her those skills eventually), and you have a continuous loop with no clear start or stop.  Her knitting is very even, and she made this up quickly.

Both sides have a distinctly beautiful look, and work well when wound around the neck.  I always hate a scarf that has an ugly side, because I inevitably have that showing.  Excuse her T-shirt beneath the scarf.

This is so soft, it really turned out lovely.  She told me that her and a few friends from work are starting their own SnB group next month, so we looked at Ravelry for a simple sweater, and she picked a pattern that is a great first sweater.  Not only is it relatively easy, but it is cute, so it will be worn.  I am so happy that she is discovering knitting.  And, I am sure that she is so happy to have my stash to shop from.