Spinning Sock Yarn 

I bought this painted roving on New Years Day (when my husband graciously drove the 60 miles to The Fold, so I could knit).  I bought 2 bags, because my prior spinning did not yield enough yardage out of 4 oz of fiber.  I think that I might have enough this time.

I spun the red, yellow, orange rovings on one bobbin, and the green (and I see a little blue which explains the resulting aqua sections) on a second bobbin.

I was afraid when I plyed these together that I would get a “Christmas effect” with the red and green.  It seems to be turning out lovely however.

Now, I have to decide what to make with these.  The first pattern that comes to mind is the Monkey sock pattern by CookieA.  I have made 2 pairs of socks using that pattern, and it works exceptionally well with variegated yarns.  Both were given away (these will NOT be), and I would like a pair for myself.  I could Navajo ply the 2 colors individually to use for the heel and toe.  I have to go on a road trip soon, and was hoping to have this plyed so that I could take it along.  My progress was impeded by a bum knee.  With the help of Acupuncture and massage, it is slowly improving to the point that I was able to spin this morning.  I hope I didn’t cause any regression in my healing process.