How knitting saved me from a double homicide 

On Wednesday and Thursday I drove with a friend to Nashville, then took a flight home on Thursday.  I was scheduled to be on the 7:20 flight, which would have put me home about 10 pm.  So, when we got to the airport early, I checked to see if I could change my flight to one leaving in about 45 minutes.  Since it was less than an hour, I had to make haste to the gate, where I was on standby.  Given body scanning, security, parents traveling with tons of kids, and a large high school group in front of me, it was no easy task.  I made it to the gate, got my boarding pass, which turned out to be the very last seat which I did not know at the time.  When I boarded, I saw how full the plane was, no carry on luggage was allowed any more (I had only a small seat bag), and I realized seats were at a premium.

I was the last on, and passed by full seats, and one empty seat between two very large men.  Getting to the back of the plane, I was sent back up to that seat.  I tried to tell the stewardess that I could not fit, but since they could put the armrest down next to them, I had no choice.  I really wanted to get back home, and the flight was only 70 minutes, and the plane doors had already been shut, so having no option other than a temper tantrum, and I took the seat.

The man on the window side, really tried hard to stay in his seat and leaned in towards the window, and while closer to me than I would like for anyone other than my husband, it was bearable.  The man on the aisle side however, kept jabbing me with his elbows, he was tall and his knee was pushing into mine.  He was not polite, and then drinking whiskey on the short trip.  I pulled out my knitting, the Lindsay socks by CookieA, and thank God I was well under way, the pattern was easy enough that I had memorized it, and it was small and compact.  Amazingly enough I was able to even knit the short row garter stitch heel without mistakes.  I would have gone crazy in that seat otherwise, reading would not have been an option.  My arms were pinned to my sides from the shoulder to the elbow (by the bodies to either side), and I could really only move my hands.  It was difficult the couple of times when I did have to look at the pattern.  Once in the air, I could recline the seat the full 2″ back, and it was moderately better.  The free peanuts and drink were interesting, and I needed it as I was so thirsty.  Good thing I am not a thrower, as it would not have been possible to knit in that situation.

These socks might have to go into a gift pile, much as I love them, as I would forever be reminded of the plane trip from hell.  The yarn is Ty-Dy Socks which was a grab bag gift from Marilyn at our Christmas exchange at SnB.  I like the yarn, it is a nice fine gauge.  The only issue is the pattern has K4 tog’s on every 8th row.  It is really tough to do, and the yarn often splits when doing this.  I am not sure how many yarns would do in this situation.  The long color changes are beautiful.  I am going to see if I can match the color changes on the second sock.

There are a couple of clarifications from the pattern instructions that I will elaborate on in a future post.  The pattern was printed in CookieA’s book Sock Innovation, which I bought when it first came out in 2009.  This is my first sock from that book.