Going, going, gone… 

I finished the Herbivore scarf by Stephen West a couple of weeks ago.  I was unsure about it, and concluded that I really did not like the design.  It works only if you wear the scarf in one manner, mine was not real long, and the shape was a bit funky.  So here it is finished:

If I had made this out of a commercially spun yarn, I would have most likely left it intact, and gifted it away.  But not my precious handspun Fiber Optics yarn!  Too precious to even contemplate something that I would not wear.  That coupled with the fact that I have another 250-300 yards on the bobbins that I am plying together.  I am going to make something different with this yarn.

So out she comes:

And after coming off the knitty-knoddy, was a very springy, curly yarn:

It is taking a bath right now, and will join the rest of the handspun from these rovings to become the Japanese Feather and Fan Shawl.  I hope to start that today or tomorrow.