Handspun for socks? 

I bought the superwash roving dyed by Helen Mathey that I talked about in an earlier post to make myself a pair of socks with my own handspun.  I finished plying this up quickly on Tuesday night so that I would be able to take it along on my road trip:

I was happy with how the colors came out together, and with one 4 oz bag, I got 300 yards, enough I thought for a pair of socks, and I have another bag of roving in these colors if needed.

It looked better in the skein than the wound ball:

First I tried using size 1 needles (my favorite size for socks), and making the Monkey Socks by CookieA.  But I was in denial about how fine I had spun this yarn.  Granted, it was considerably better than past efforts, but not really a fine fingering weight, at least not consistently.  So, I ripped that out, and started trying to make a pair of low cuffed ribbed socks on a size 2 needle.  Yet again, this yarn is not for those needle sizes.  I am going to take this out for  a second time, and try to make either heavy house socks (my daughter can always use those, she lives in my handmade socks year round), or a shawl.  Hopefully when I do decide, the third time will be the charm.