Perth and London, but no Chicago 

Perth, London, Geneva, New Zealand, New Jersey, California, Iowa, Melbourne, Germany, Canada, Denmark, Florida, Ohio, Virginia, Norway and even most of Chicago finally.  Except me.

I decided last month to join a sock club by Janel Laidman, the club with colorwork (she had two options available) called Illuminations.  At the time that I got the email, you had the option of either joining both of Janel’s clubs, or one of Janel’s and the CookieA sock club for a discount.  By the time I quit vacillating about joining or not, CookieA was full, and I asked to be put on a waiting list.  Well, I got pulled off the waiting list, and happily awaited my first shipment of yarn for both clubs.  They would be mailed in the same package and arrive at the same time every other month, the packages were mailed on the 12th and 14th (yup, today is the 22nd, so much for priority mail).   All packages were mailed at the same time, and they have reached destinations clear around the world, even in Chicago, and here I sit with no package.  It confirms my suspicion that I have the absolute worst mail delivery in the country.   The patterns for both clubs were sent electronically, so I finally decided to cast on the Ripple Leaf Socks by CookieA.  For her club you get 2 patterns to choose from, and looking at what others had posted, I decided that I would like to make the other pattern out of the yarn that comes with the sock club.  Since both clubs are featuring blue and earthy tones, I opted for the opposite end of the spectrum and picked a beautiful bright pink Malabrigo sock yarn.  I have the leg of the first sock done.  It is quick, I cast this on at my knitting group last night.

With the CookieA club you also get a recipe for cookies!  In honor of her name of course, and her love of baking.  I bought the ingredients the other day, and think that I will make a batch of those when I get home from school tonight.  At least something to ease the wait.  I haven’t changed a bit from the small kid anxiously awaiting packages.